Hair Quill - this hair ornament features a single stick that goes horizonally through a bun, with 3 drapes that drape gracefully beneath the bun. Click on the picture for more detail and variations. $35

What Color Beads?
What Color Stick -or- Plain Wood Stick?


Hair Pick - a two-pronged plastic hair pick accented with beads of your choice. $15

What Color Beads?
What Color Wire?


Hairsticks - two wooden hairsticks (may vary slightly from picture on left) with bead accents on top. Please specify exactly what sort of beads you'd like in the "comments" section of the PayPal shopping cart. $15

What Color Beads?


Other Hairsticks - Click the picture to the left to see examples of other types of hairsticks, all one-of-a-kind. If you see something you like, please email me!
My Etsy Store - Please visit to see what hairtoys I have ready to ship!