Hello. My name is April, and I'm a beadaholic.


Well, that's kind of how this business started, in any case. I've had a love affair with beads ever since I was a kid, but I lacked the knowledge of exactly how to put them together correctly (as a kid, I favored stringing beads on sewing thread. Needless to say, my creations didn't last as long as I wanted them to!) At a local bead/gem/jewelry show, I came across The Wire Artists' Group, a nifty group based in Canada, who put out a great magazine. They asked if I'd ever worked with wire..... Wire? Hey, what an idea! I bought several issues of the magazine and went home to practice. After lots of trial and error, I had ironed out the kinks in my technique, and.... well, the rest is history.

I love making custom jewelry orders for clients - the happy emails I get after the piece(s) are received make me feel wonderful! I also really enjoy replicating pieces from movies, tv shows, popular culture, etc. My headdresses inspired by the recent "Lord Of The Rings" movies are by best sellers!

As for materials, I use the best quality I can find, and also do my best to use materials for which workers are paid a fair wage under decent working conditions. In addition, all of my materials are vegan, in accordance with my lifestyle (i.e., only glass pearls, no horn beads, etc.)

In addition to jewelry, I also make clothing. I specialize in Renaissance faire garb and bellydance attire. Soon to come to the website - wrap pants, harem pants, circle skirts, and much more - stay tuned for details!

I'm currently updating and branching out this site - I'd love to hear comments and suggestions! Please email me at april@knightimecreations.com .


Thank You!